Ansible Foundation Training Course


Ansible is an extremely popular automation tool. This Ansible certification course will help you increase team productivity and improve business outcomes. Learn how to master this open-source tool with socsoftech’s online Ansible Foundation Training Course.

Ansible Certification Course Overview

This Ansible Online training course for beginners will help you get started with the installation of Ansible 2.0 and gradually guide you towards creating your own playbooks, managing an entire cloud region, and configuring network devices across Linux or Windows operating systems.

Ansible Online Training Course Currilculam

Eligibility :

This Ansible online training enables beginners to automate their organizational infrastructure. Everybody is eligible, although the Ansible course is ideal for system administrators, developers, and automation engineers.

Pre-Requisites :

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. Need access to a Linux system to set Ansible up and prior exposure to Linux system administration.

Course Content :

  • Ansible 2 – Whats It All About
  •  The Course Overview
  •  What Is Ansible?
  •  Why Ansible?
  •  Demonstration – From Bash to Ansible
  •  Course Layout
  •  Basic Ansible Vocabulary
  •  New Features in Ansible 2.0
  • Setting up the Learning Environment
  • Jumping into Ansible
  • A Real-World Playbook
  • Loops, Blocks, Strategies, and Galaxies
  • Ansible in the Cloud.



  • Ansible 2 basics
  • Ansible 2 installation
  • Ansible configuration
  • Playbooks
  • Loops blocks amp strategies
  • Ansible 2 in the cloud.