DevOps Engineer Certification Course

DevOps Engineer Certification

DevOps methodology focuses on better collaboration between the Development company and the Operations company. So, DevOps masterminds are individualities who oversee the entire software development lifecycle. They’re necessary in handling the code releases, executing CI/ CD channel, automating various processes, and working any issues that arise during the development, deployment, or conservation phase.



DevOps Engineer Certification Training Course Online


DevOps is the combination of artistic doctrines, practices, and tools that increases an association’s capability to deliver operations and services at high speed evolving and enhancing products at a faster pace than institutions using traditional software development and structure running processes. DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. It aims to dock the systems development life cycle and give nonstop delivery with high software quality. DevOps is reciprocal with graceful software development; several DevOps aspects came from the graceful methodology.

DevOps Training Overview

This DevOps Training is to make an individual expert in all DevOps generalities form the Basics. This Course is handed by the Real- Time professionals to make you understand the Real- Time IT Scenario’s and Problems.

DevOps Training makes you master in the colorful aspects of the principles of continuous development and deployment, software development operations, continuous integration, automation of configuration operation and learn the colorful tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, Ansible and Kubernetes

DevOps Course Content

1  DevOps Course Overview

  • Objectives of the Course
  • Pre-requisites
  • Who Should do the course
  • DevOps Training Duration

2 DevOps Course Content

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Linux Concepts
  • Automation Concepts
  • Revision Controls System
  • Configuration Management
  • Environments
  • Build Automation
  • Tomcat Web Server
  • Nexus Artifacts/Proxy Tool
  • Jenkins Framework
  • LAMP Setup
  • Apache/HTTPD Web Service
  • MySQL Database
  • Installation of WordPress with LAMP
  • Working with Docker
  • System Monitoring
  • DevOps Project Work

Objectives of the Course

  • To understand the DevOps Concepts and DevOps Tools
  • Deploying the main DevOps tools
  • To implement automated system update and DevOps lifecycle
  • To understand virtualization and performance
  • Providing the perfect security for the entire infrastructure.

DevOps Project Work

  • Project LAMP Setup
  • Web layer
  • DB Layer
  • App Layer
  • Monitoring

DevOps Course Duration

     45 Days – Daily 1 Hour